How Can I Improve My Voice Quality?


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Learning to control your breathing is the first thing to work on. Make a conscious effort to avoid expanding the upper part of your chest when you inhale to speak or sing. Make your lower lungs expand. Pull in your abdomen to support the diaphragm. Then control the outflow of air by gradually letting your lungs breathe out with good diaphragmatic support maintained by abdominal muscles. At the same time try to keep your throat muscles relaxed. This can be practiced by counting as far as possible, without strain, on a single breath of air. Reading aloud is also good practice.
Resonance can be improved by getting the feel of it in your head. This can be done by exaggerating the vibrant tones and prolonging them. Humming and sounding the letters "m" and "n" will help to improve your resonance. Blend these letters with vowels in words such as men, mind, and, end, sun, and so forth. Hold the "n" and "m" sound twice as long as usual while practicing.
For the words you speak to come out full and distinct you need good articulation. This requires free movement of the lips, tongue and jaws, for they shape the sounds. If you have the habit of speaking through tight lips and jaws you need to practice exercises that will make them more flexible. By practice you can also improve articulation so your words come out distinctly. The sounds should not run together and become slurred. You may need to work at it patiently for many months. A good exercise is to read aloud. While doing so, pronounce each word correctly and make each sound carefully. But be careful not to overdo it and develop an affected manner of speaking.
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To improve your voice you just have to balance breathing and voice then try to say AAAAAAAAA every morning - even as little as 3 minutes every morning..
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With listening skill and understand the query of the customer properly then try to solve it if you have the answer or else tell the customer I will find out for you , and I will give the call back to you if required. If you don't know any query don't say to the customer directly that you don't know tell the customer that I will find out, with the other executive. See that you are not giving any close ended answers !
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Just Practice Singing then after 2 months you have a beautiful voice!-Practice makes perfect!
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There are classes you can take to improve your voice tone. I've heard they really work.
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Water? Why? Doesn't anyone know what this has to do with anything? My need is for more projection/volume and perhaps a lower pitch.
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You can try a simple trick just try to sing songs like ragas(Indian classical songs).
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Just talk less drink a lot of water and you should have better sound like in a week

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