How Do You Get Rid Of Post Surgery Bloating?


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There are a number of things you can do to get rid of bloating after surgery. Firstly, you could simply help the bloating subside by changing your diet slightly. For example, if you add flax seed to your diet then the high levels of fibre will help you to relieve any constipation that you may be experiencing due to bloating. Moreover, you could enlist the help of tablets which can help with gas that may have made your tummy bloated. Tablets such as simethicone will help relieve your stomach from the uncomfortable bloating. You can purchase simethicone in liquid form as well which can be purchased behind the counter at any drug store.

In addition, you can take a stool softener if you are experiencing constipation. This should only be done if your doctor has advised you to take them.  Moreover, you should try and refrain from eating foods that contain high levels of sodium as well as drinking beverages that are high in caffeine. The reason you should do this is because foods and drinks that contain such substances will make you retain excess fluids.

You should keep in mind that bloating is relatively common after surgery, especially after operations that concern the abdomen. It is especially common in women that have just had a hysterectomy operation. Usually bloating after surgery will resolve itself on its own but it will depend on the individual, so refrain from worrying because it is unlikely to get worse. However, if you feel like you are experiencing pain as well as being bloated then you should consult your doctor just in case.
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Well its kind of natural for the stomach to bloat up after surgery, all you can do to counter such problems is apply ointments on regular intervals, this will help reduce the swelling which has emerged.

Also try having small meals but on regular intervals so that you don't become to full all of a sudden. If you've had part of your stomach removed, it will not be able to take the same quantity of food it used to take in earlier. On the other hand if your entire stomach removed then it is advisable that you take in small quantities of food on regular basis, so that your stomach does not get strained and bloated up.

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