Can Methadone Tablets Be Dissolved In Water?


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Yes they can and that is how most people take them. Oldie62 I don't think they were wanting to know so they could slip it in a drink . That is just how people take them bc it is easier to drink liquid then swallow all those pills.
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I suppose in warm or hot liquid yes but I am more concerned has to why the question and if I should answer it! In a clinical setting they are crushed and put in something like applesauce but the person is usually aware of the med  being taken. Just slipping something in someones drink is illegal. So I would have to say no since water is not usually warm or cold water it could dissolve over time but not recommended.
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Yes they can.. This is how most people dissolve them for injection.
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Be careful what you tell people!! Water is not exactly sterile!
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What do you think people use when they dissolve it to shoot?! Water, of course. They just ask the question.. I answered it. Personally, I don't care what anyone does. I'm not responsible for their actions.. They are.

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