I Have Little Bumps Around My Private Area. They Do Not Itch Or Smell. What Are They?


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If the bumps that you have do not itch and smell then it sounds unlikely that they will be anything abnormal and, unless you have had unprotected sex, they are probably not a sexually transmitted disease. If you shave around your private area then these bumps could be caused by shaving irritation. If the bumps appear as spots, it could be that you have some in growing hairs. Where possible try to release these in growing hairs, this can be done using tweezers, to avoid them growing further into your skin and causing more problems later on. Try to avoid shaving for a few days to give the bumps time to become less inflamed. When you do shave, try to do it during a hot bath and shower to allow your pores to open fullest. If you have sensitive skin, use a shaving foam designed for that and don’t shave over the same section of skin too many times. Take your time and stop if you feel any irritation.

Small bumps around the genitals can also be caused by heat. If the bumps are red and almost look like a rash then there is a chance you do have heat rash. Take a cool shower and apply cooling moisturiser for an immediate relief. To prevent heat rash in the future avoid wearing tight clothing, particularly when exercising, and don’t wear underwear in bed. The bumps may also be caused by an allergy or skin sensitivity. Avoid using strongly scented soaps on the area and think about any products you may have used that could have caused the irritation.

If the bumps do not disappear after a while, they increase in size or number or begin to itch or smell, then you should seek advise from a doctor. They will be able to help you discover what is causing the bumps.
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I just looked at mt private area and there was a bump with pus coming out of it. I began to squeeze it until blood came  out, then I stopped. What do you think is the problem????
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If they are pink or red and you shave the area I would put it off to aggravated hair follicles trying to break through the skin and grow out, and if that's the case don't pick them and they will correct themselves with time. You can even use a sensitive skin moisturizer on the area to aid the process. It could be a rare fungal infection that will cause the entire pubic are to become itchy and dry. If they become pus filled or become more numerous and itchy you need to get them checked out by a doctor. It's better to go and have it be nothing than not go and have it turn out to be something serious. If you have sex before the condition passes use a barrier form of contraception to lessen the chance your partner will contract anything. I hope it turns out to be nothing.
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I don't know but I think they are normal,
I thought they were acne at first when I first noticed them
so I tried to pop them but it was really hard to,
anyways but I have seen pornography and some of the actors also have them
so thats how I stopped worrying about it.
I know its not a std because I'm still a virgin.
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It depends on what kind of "bumps" you are talking about. If they are blister like, you need to go see a doctor. If it's like a razor rash, try using an ointment with salicylic acid in it, that will dry up the bacteria that is causing it and try a different razor/shave cream. If you think its anything to do with you being sexually active, you should definently try to go see a doctor as soon as possible. It may be scary and embarrassing, but believe me, it'll be ok in the end. Good luck! :)
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You could have a yeast infection. That presents itself with red bumps, itching and a light odor with some.
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If, by "private area" you mean your external genitals, it means you'd better haul butt to get it examined and treated.  And this means today!
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It could be hair growing under your skin. Nothing to worry about. If you are nervous ask your doctor.
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You need to see a doctor to rule out HPV, Human Papilloma Virus, which can lead to cervical cancer.  This condition is sometimes called "genital warts."

You also need to rule out genital herpes.

They could also be something entirely harmless, such as sebaceous cysts.  These can occur anywhere on the body, including the face, neck, genitals, chest, and back.  This article only covers a few of those areas.  This article at Wikipedia is more detailed.   Sebaceous cysts can be really small, so don't be too impressed by the photos.

Seriously, get to a doctor.  It's worth the money to find out if they're harmless, and worth your life to find out if they are not.  Best wishes,

-- Ankhorite
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It could also be an allergic reaction to certain feminine washes, soaps or douches that you may use. Especially ones with fragrance in them. I had the same problem a few years ago and my ob/gyn said that I my skin in my genital area is very sensitive and I should try using unscented feminine washes for sensitive skin. I made the switch and the problem was solved.
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It means you should pick up the phone and get an appointment with the doctor.  Sorry but no one here can see or feel the lump.
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It could be a cyst but it  is better to have it checked out if you have had unprotected sex.

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