How Much Square Foot Does One Ton Of Gravel Cover?


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The amount of square footage covered by gravel depends on the depth of the gravel, but here are some basic guidelines: Gravel which is 2” deep will cover 162 square feet/ton. Gravel which is 2 and ½” deep will cover 128 square feet/ton. Gravel which is 3”deep will cover 108 square feet/ton. Gravel which is 4” deep will cover 81 square feet/ton. In general these calculations also apply to mulch, sand, and soil.

These numbers give you an indication of how much square footage one ton of gravel will cover, but it is likely you need a more precise calculation. If you are landscaping your yard or driveway, you will need to know exactly how much gravel you will need for a give area.

In order to calculate how much gravel will be needed you will need to follow three steps. First determine how much square footage needs to be covered with gravel. If the space is square or rectangle, you can determine this number by multiplying length times width. Next you will need to multiply the square footage by the depth (this will give you the cubic footage). Remember in the example above, the gravel needed increased as the depth increased, so keep this in mind if you are on a tight budget. The last step is to divide the cubic footage by 27 to determine cubic yards.

Gravel is an affordable and attractive landscaping element, but if you just guess how much you need you could end up spending more money than you really need to. In order to make this material work for you, take the time to calculate how much gravel you will need. Also consider depth when you think about your budget and gravel needs. Even though a 2” depth will be more cost-effective, it may not be the best for your landscaping. If the area will get a lot of traffic, then you will probably need to go with at least a 3” depth.
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606 sq. Feet

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