Is Zeppra Perscribed For Seizures?


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There doesn’t seem to be a drug called Zeppra - however, there is a drug called Keppra (levetiracetam), which is a medication prescribed for the treatment of certain kinds of epilepsy and seizures. It is a common drug for adults and children under four years old. Like any drug there are side effects which may affect some more than others. Side effects are more common in the first month of taking this medication while your body is adjusting to it, and these can include:

• Drowsiness
• Dizziness  
• Mood swings
• Anxiety
• Diarrhea

It is advisable not to operate any machinery or even drive whilst Keppra. These side effects should pass after a month. However, if your side effects include any of the following then you will need to seek medical advice:

• Hallucinations
• Depression
• Rash or Hives
• Worsening of seizures
• Unexplained swelling
• Extreme drowsiness

Although these side effects are quite rare, it is advisable to be aware of them. Reports say that about 20 per cent of people taking this drug suffer side effects. Keppra is usually given in the form of a tablet but can also be administered in a liquid form - it is generally taken twice a day. Keppra can also be injected; however, this way is only really used for people that cannot take medication orally.

Keppra is prescribed with other seizure drugs and not to be taken alone. The recommended dosage for an adult is 500 mg twice a day, for children it may vary depending on their age and weight. You can take Keppra with or without food. If they do cause stomach upsets, then  take with food or a milky drink.

Do not stop taking Keppra without advice from your doctor as you could suffer from withdrawal symptoms.

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