Can You Tell Me Something About Albuterol And Overdose?


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Albuterol is typically prescribed for asthma sufferers. It works by relaxing the muscles around airways, making breathing easier. Ventolin is common brand name in the UK, salbutamol elsewhere. It is meant as a regular daily medication, to be taken only as directed. Usually put in to inhalers (spray form), although may also be given in solution (a liquid).

Contraindications are many, including previous history of heart trouble, over-active thyroid, certain other medications, epilepsy, liver or kidney disease. Evidence is unclear if it is suitable for use by pregnant or lactating women.

Overdose symptoms may include:
Weakness, dry mouth, headache, nausea, vomiting, chest pain or irregular/ heartbeat, angina, seizures, tremor. Overdose can be fatal. Anyone suspected of having overdosed on albuterol should seek urgent if not emergency medical attention.

Avoid overdose by taking the medication only as directed, and consult a doctor if minor variations on these symptoms are persistant in spite of usage being exactly as directed.
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Symptoms of an albuterol overdose may include angina or chest pain, irregular heartbeats or a fluttering heart, seizures, tremor, weakness, headache, nausea, and vomiting. Please talk to your doctor if you are have any of these symptoms.

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