What Does A Pet Scan Machine Look Like?


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A positron emission tomography or PET scan machine is fairly large, light in color and consists of a large central scanner with a motorized bed going through the center. Various models are used by different hospitals or mobile scanning units, meaning that it's appearance will vary slightly but this link to a UK National Health Service web page will give you a general idea:

The designers seem to have been aware that the old MRI scanners, which were tubular with a narrow inside cavity and made a loud clanking noise, frightened many people. The wider space inside the PET machine and it's open ends mean that patients who usually feel claustrophobic find the PET scan a more comfortable procedure than having the old-type of exam.

The patient lies on a reasonably comfortable but narrow motorized bed that moves into the doughnut-like opening of the PET scanner until the part of the body that is going to be examined is in position. This could mean that your head is on the other side of the opening with just your middle section inside the ring.

The procedure is painless but the patient must keep still while the images are being made. Staff are always in sight and some medical facilities allow you to bring a friend along. Some even offer to let you listen to CDs to help you relax during the scanning process.
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A pet scanner is usually placed in an isolated examination room. It usually has a shape of the doughnut with a huge big hole in they middle. Usually inside this you have a whole lot of various rings that consist of detectors that trace the release of power from the radioactive material in your corpse and allow a representation of your corpse to be obtained. You will have to lie on a kind of examination table, which has a kind of cushion of it. And slowly you will move in the machine hole. Once you move into the machine, a monitor, which is just placed besides the machine will, began to show images of the scanning process.
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Is a pet scan open or is it a large tube that you enter?

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