What Is Codeine Sulphate?


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Codeine sulphate is a salt of codeine or methylmorphine and the other substance that belongs to the same group is called codeine phosphate. If we take the description of the group from which it belong to i.e. Codeine, it is considered as an opiate that is used for its several properties that include anti-diarrhoeal, analgesic and anti-tissuive properties.        Its prevalence is primarily found in opium and the concentration of it ranging from 0.3 to 3 per cent. Though you can extract it from opium, you will find that mostly it is synthesized from morphine by the use of the process called O-methylation.            The indications of codeine include cough, diarrhoea, irritable bowel syndrome and pain which sometimes is moderate and sometimes severe. But never take it on your own unless a registered medical practioners prescribes it.
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"Never take it on your own unless a registered medical practitioners prescribes it."
Bunk , it should not have been mixed with aspirin and paracetamol and it should be made available in an unadulterated form. It is an excellent pain killer and is also useful in the treatment of heroin addiction. Its addictive properties are slight. Codeine is one of the most useful drugs we have.

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