How Can I Achieve My Goals?


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Achieving your goals can work in many different ways, but two important things are choosing goals that are achievable (some people choose those that simply aren't possible, like I WILL PLAY FOR CHELSEA, when they can't even play football), the other is incentives, give yourself treats and reasons to continue.

If your goal is for instance to become a world famous actor, one cannot go for zero to hero. One must take the steps necessary, but one must work out what steps to take. First, learn to act, next get acting jobs, next.. the smaller the steps actually, the better. Along the way your goals may change but you will feel empowered by your small successes to achieve the larger ones.

Essentially, I want to be a millionaire, has to start with 'how can I become wealthy'? Then look at the tiniest steps to get on that road.

Remember, break it down into tiny steps, give yourself incentives to complete each step and work up to the bigger ones.

The bigger ones cannot be achieved without the smaller ones first.
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When you have complete dedication towards the goal; when you have complete understanding of the goal; when you have proper guidance in that aspect; when you have proper resources; when you have belief in yourself; and most importantly, when you work hard in that way, nothing can substitute it and no one can beat you. You'll definitely reach your goal.
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By working hard
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Work hard to achieve them,strong determination is really important
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To achieve goals one needs dedication, honesty and sincerity. One needs to work hard and concentrate on how to make things better and one should have innovative ideas.
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You, a list of the goals you want to achieve, prioritizing them in the order to want to achieve them, a plan to achieve them and some motivation to keep you going.
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Just do it. It's all you. Don't give up. There might be that one day where you say.."oh well, I don't care anymore" but even if you think that...push yourself and you'll see the results at the end will please you. JUST DO IT

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