Do All Identical Twins Develop The Same Way?


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Though they share same DNA will be different in some ways. Watched a program and was amazed that identical twins who were seperated at birth had more in common than those raised together. There will be slight physical differences, but other than that, their dna is identical
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aileeny answered
Identical twins are clones. They share the same DNA. Beccause we are all of us a product of both our genes and of our environment ,then identical twins can show differences due to the enviro..,which begins in the womb. A good example is in the case of conjoined twins where one twin can have more body parts than those of the other twin.
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reo answered
Not in all situations. Some studies have shown that identical twins separated at birth due to adoption has caused them to develop differently. With the sociological argument of nature vs. Nurture people who may have identical genetics can develop differently by the effects of their natural surroundings

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