Can A Person Lose There Teeth From Degenerative Bone Disease?


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Since Michigan has stopped helping with dental care to low income or disabled what are we supposed to do. I have Degenerative Bone Disease and my teeth are falling out and cracking I am in so much pain I have to eat soft foods. And its embarrassing.  I also have congestive heart failure so I have excessive water all the time and I have to stay on the Medicines that they say are hurting my teeth. Where can we get help, I have tried even the low cost dentist and they are way to expensive. Does anyone have any ideas? I would be happy getting false teeth if I could afford them. Does anyone have any information on dental care in Michigan?
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Have you investigated having your dental work done at a dental school (college)? The students are well advanced in their studies by the time they are allowed to "practice" (poor choice of words) on patients and they are supervised by the instructors during the procedures. It is generally much cheaper than going to a licensed dentist. Good Luck!
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Yes, tooth loss is a real problem due to degenerative bone disease. I have had bone implant done to help with the problem on 2 occasions. They use either bone from a cadaver or artificial bone to do the implant. Generally, if the problem is found early enough, this can be avoided by some extensive dental work. Unfortunately, over the years my bone loss did continue and I eventually did have some tooth loss. Stay on top of the problem and hopefully you will have better luck than I did.
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Yes. Degenerative Bone Disease can effect your teeth, and cause issues with your teeth and tooth loss. I suggest that you drink lots of milk and take calcium supplements, and possibly other medications discuss with your doctor what is available to help prevent this from happening. Take care.

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