Have Triple C's Ever Killed Anyone? If So, What Did They Die From Such As Liver Or Kidney Failure?


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You know, reading some of these posts really confirms my hate for those pills. I was sixteen when I started on them and it was easy access to get high, id go in and steal them, got away with it more than I should have. I had an abundant load of them and in pill bottles stashed in my closet.  I had taken them a few times bout 8 at a time and it was such a crazy trip, I wasn't a drug user at the time it was the first drug that I really tried, even before my beloved marijuana.  Taking them made me have crazy feelings and it is truly indescribable.. Those experiences only got more intense as the years went on those pill bottles were gone within a few months, so I'd go steal more, got caught stealing them two times and never stole them ever again, I told myself I was done doing them.. That was when I was almost 18.  I stopped for the most part after that time it was the summer and I was playin baseball on a team and was in a different city in a hotel every week so I had a different focus. But when I got home and I did something I didn't really do, which was buy them. I was up to two boxes, 32 pills, in a night and I'd do that maybe once a week.  It messed me up for two days and the night I took them initially I would be blacked out.  I only took them by myself because thats how I always had done it.  I had so many different experiences.  I got prescribed to zoloft which I found out mixed with dextromathorphan makes for a messed up time.  It went on for a long time as just a regular recreational thing.. But it really damaged close relationships of mine.  I lost the love of my life because of those things and have to deal with that every day.  I'll be 21 this month and I've turned my life around.  I was at the most taking 4 boxes within a trip which is without a doubt lethal times two really.. And mixing with 12 of the zoloft should have made me dead.  I was an honor roll student in high school and a known baseball and football player throughout the community.  If people knew about my addiction to these pills they would have never known.  I had to put two years of my college career of baseball on hold because of them.. That's no joke I was red shirted for two years and just now have been off them for 2 months and its the first time in almost 5 years.. I only give credit to the Lord for helping me get this demon off my mind. I still think about it all the time. I do. I want to do them, even describing these times on this post make me want to do them. But I have to full fill my dreams and let my gifts not go down the drain because of my decisions to destroy my body. As of right now I have no effects from the pills and I can say I didn't notice any physical withdrawals like from other drugs I've heard of.. But I'm aware that most likely.. Without a miracle from God I'm going to have some serious consequences to my body for how many pills I was taking. But they can kill you, don't think you'll be lucky every time. Luck will run out.  I'm lucky and my mom only tells me the reason I hadn't ever overdosed on those pills was because God knows if she lost her youngest son to a drug overdose she wouldn't make it.. Whatever that means I do know she's right.  I was protected through those nights I was by myself and taking lethal amounts of drugs mixing and being in another world. I honestly wouldn't have known if I would have died.. But they will change your life in a negative way. That I can guarantee and there are others to verify that message I say. Don't do them. Please. My experience is legitimate and genuine and real.. I know there are others out there like me, and they need help, but the addiction is very, very strong. Get help if you have an issue w/ these c's.
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Hey Kev hodge I have had a similar background as you I'm fifteen and I have been getting coricidin left and right and I pop them every 2 to 3 days.  I have a bad addiction I'm kinda in the same situation as what you were in. I'm just commenting for help I have been doing them even more I take 42 pills each trip it has been getting worse I ended up in the hospital and ever since I have an addiction and I need help. Comment back.
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I thought you said you were 14?
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My son was 18. He just bought his own 1st car, got his drivers license and was happiest person in entire world. He was looking for a job, got in college and had no problems in his life. Everyone liked him, because he was opened person, always shared every minute of his life with friends and family. He loved his sister, parents and grandmother. It was Friday night when after playing video-game with me and his dad he went to bed. After couple of hours I heard sound from the bathroom. I asked my son, what is he doing there and he told me: I don't feel good. When he came out of bathroom, I looked at him and he was high. So, I made him to go to bed and told him that we will talk about it in the morning. After 30 min. I heard sound from his room. I went there and saw his window opened and he is gone. I woke my husband - his father and we jumped in a car and was trying to follow him, even we didn't know the way he was going. We didn't find him and returned home. He also left his cell phone at home, we couldn't even call him. 2 hours later police detective knocked on our door and they told us our son was found dead, he jumped of 5th floor and they found 2 empty pakeges of triple 'C in his pocket. He didn't die from overdose! He didn't want to die at all! But that was a reaction of his brains on this shitt. I don't think it was first time he took those pills, his friend told me he'we done it before couple of times. But this time was the last time for him. Examiner didn't find anything else in his blood, but triple'C. Don't do it kids! You never know how your body and brains will react on this medication. For me and my husband life is ended the day our son died. Don't DO THIS KIDS! My son was the best son, best brother best grandson in the world. He was pretty , smart, funny, nice and kind. Girls was going crazy about him. And now all this good things under ground, dead and cold. Please don't do triple'C or any other medication to fill high.  With all my love to you guys.

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