What Types Of Blood Work Do Doctors Do?


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Doctors conduct blood tests for the purpose of testing. The samples of blood which are used for the purpose of conducting a blood test can either be taken from a vein or an artery. While the veins carry the blood to the heart, the arteries, on the other hand, takes the blood away from the heart.

Blood testing is carried out with the purpose of monitoring the blood sugar of a person to check if he or she is suffering from diabetes and also to check the count of the red blood cells (which are abbreviated as the RBC), the white blood cells (which are abbreviated as the WBC) and the platelets.

Most of the times, samples of blood for the purpose of conducting are tests are taken from the veins which are around the elbow. This is done by tying a tourniquet (or a cord) around the upper arm to make the vein apparent.

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