What Is The Best Toothpaste To Use?


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Colgate tells the people that their toothpaste is 100% vegetarian,pepsodent tells us that 18 hours protection is enabled with their brand and of course there is "Babool Babool paste wasool" . So it's up to you to decide on the most suitable brand.
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There is no such thing as the best toothpaste in the world. It all depends on individual preferences. Every individual or different family prefers the toothpaste which actually suits them. There are many brands out there in the market that actually are very reputed and come under as one of the best brands in the world for e.g.: - the Colgate series, the Oral B series, Close Up, Crest , Gleem, Darlie and Elmex.

However it is recommended that you use the brand that you are comfortable with, which suits your teeth and doesn't cause you ant problems.
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Pearl Drops & Bright White only in the U.K
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The best toothpaste varies from person to person. Everybodies teeth are different and they react differently to different things. For example, some people's teeth are sensotive and so ordinary toothpastes might not be that good. If you do have sensitive toothpaste then 'sensodyne' is supposed to be good.

If you want a powerful toothpaste then Euthymol is an excellent toothpaste to go with. If you simply want an ordinary toothpaste however then generally Aquafresh and Colgate are the best ones to go for as well as Arm and Hammer.

Overall it all depends upon your own teeth as to which toothpaste will work better for you. Try out a few different brands to see what you prefer.

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