How Does One Treat A Bullet Wound?


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Mark Westbrook answered
Well, obviously you should get to a doctor or the hospital as soon as possible, but it's not always possible, sometimes you get shot in Siberia.

First, don't pull the bullet out yet, it may cause much more damage to remove it right now. It may be currently stemming bleeding, so leave it for the time being.

Use pressure on the wound to try to restrain the bleeding, elevate the limb.

It is believed that pouring granulated sugar into wounds can decrease the flow of blood and aid blod clotting, whether this is one hundred percent effective, I don't know, but it's a medical tip.

If you can dress the wound immediately with something do so, this is to try to prevent further infection as quickly as possible, saving the person from the gun shot, only for them to die of infection seems a ridiculous situation.

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