Where Are The Quad Muscles Located?


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The quad muscles, or the quadriceps femoris, consist of the four prominent muscles present on the frontal part of the thigh. The quad muscle is basically the great extensor muscle of the knee, which makes up a large mass of flesh covering the front and the side portions of the femur.

The muscle is segregated into different parts, which have characteristic names of their own. Given below are some of them:

Rectus femoris, which is basically the part of the muscle that is located in the middle part of the thigh.

Vastus lateralis, as the name suggests, the part of the muscle which is located on the lateral portion of the femur.

All the four portions of the quad muscle connect to the patella through the quadriceps tendon.

Every one of the four quadriceps is a powerful extensor of the knee joint. They play a vital role for processes like walking, running etc.

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