How Do I Treat Ant Bites On A 2 Year Old Baby?


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A two year old baby must be taken to a doctor if he or she seems to have ant bites on his or her body. Since it's difficult to diagnose a skin condition without specialized medical training, treating a condition on such as young child (through home remedies or over-the-counter medications) can be a big mistake. Sometimes, rashes or viruses may appear to be insect bites; therefore, treating a condition with the wrong methods can actually make a medical condition worse.

Traditionally, antiseptics can be used to clean the skin after an irritation - then, soothing calamine lotion may be applied to reduce the redness and itchiness of the insect bite or abrasion. However, without a correct diagnosis from an expert, it will be difficult to know exactly which course of treatment will ease your child's pain and protect his or her health.

Generally, ant bites will look like tiny red bumps, or hives; in tiny children (such as two year olds), these bites may look like "water blisters", and they may be tender and painful. Since certain ants, such as fire ants, have a bite that is toxic, it's important to watch your child closely, and see if her or she look ill. Swelling, lethargy, and difficulty swallowing may be signs of a dangerous allergic reaction called anaphylaxis. If these symptoms are present, urgent medical care is required...don't wait to take your child to the hospital, as they may need a special injection to reduce the allergic reaction. In severe cases, anaphylaxis may be fatal.

Some ant bites will not be serious; anaphylaxis is rare, and typical house ants are not toxic. However, until a parent or guardian knows for sure exactly what is causing the skin irritation, it is impossible to prescribe the right treatments. Since two year olds are still quite fragile, they need to be taken care of by trained medical professionals.

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