Where Does LSD Come From?


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LSD mainly is a type of fungus that mainly grows in rye; it is mainly synthesized from the acid known as lysergic acid that was derived from ergot.

LSD also known as Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, LSD – 25 or simply as acid, it is a type of semi synthetic psychedelic drug. The short name of the drug LSD comes from its earlier codename LSD 25.

The LSD drug is very sensitive to oxygen, chlorine and Ultraviolet light. It said that the potency of LSD could last for years if it stored away from light. The consumption of the LSD drug is done orally it is normally done with the help of an absorbent blotter paper or gelatine or sugar cubes.

The side effects of LSD are Hypothermia, Sleeplessness, goose bumps and elevated sugar levels. The drug also causes the production of saliva and mucus; it also causes tremors synesthesia, Parasthesia and euphoria.
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All chemicals are taken from plants.  For instance, the poppy can produce opium and when refined, morphine, and refined again, heroin.  Even our medications are usually extractions from plants

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