Do You Prefer Briefs Or Boxers?


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Briefs and boxer briefs!!!!
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The type of underwear that one wears is revealing of ones personality. Tight white briefs, do not ooze sexuality and self confidence, they ooze preppy American or small boy in Physical Education class who forgot his games kit to me anyway!

Boxers are good because they look my stylish, certainly the package is not squished, but you need to get a tighter fit if you want any support. Women and girls (ruled my world?) often prefer this type on their men.

Briefs do provide a good deal of support to your equipment which is important if you are planning on doing some kind of physical exercise. Whilst this might not be sexy, it's nicer than the associated testicular ache that can occur from your equipment being bashed about or bruised.

Personally, I am well fitted, snug boxer man, but if I was engaged in shorts, I would prefer a sporty brief or sporty boxer.
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...and i feel like a geek in my tighty whities right now...
Jason Garvey
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Boxer briefs here - the best of both worlds. The support and containment of briefs without the constriction, and the profile and stylish look of boxers.
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Briefs !
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I prefer silky panties, way more comfortable and sexy as hell to boot!

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Briefs every day!

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