Is 7 Stone Underweight For A 14 Year Old Girl?


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I have one word for you...PUBERTY
Your 14 and your growing up not out so just let yourself finish growing and then worry lol
I'm 14 as well and I'm 46.9kg and 5ft 6in so I'm really underweight and it scared me at first but then I realised that no matter what I did I was too active and growing too fast to gain any weight so I'm just going to let myself grow and love myself for what I am...skinny and beautiful...

I really don't calm down and don't worry :)
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It is difficult to tell about ideal or average weight of boys and girls without knowing their heights because below 18 years of age, height is taken in to consideration along with weight as a whole growth factor.

Seven stones means 98 pounds or 44.45 Kg. A girl of 14 years of age should have a height of 63 1/4 inches or 160.53 cm and her weight should be 110.84 pounds or 50.28 Kg. So, if Your height is five feet then your weight of 7 stone is normal but for more than five height at 14 years of age, it is underweight.
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No, I don't think so, I was about 168cm tall and 40kg at 14 and I had all the right amount of fat on me, a few of my friends were the same. However, it's different for everyone, but around the 35kg to 55kg and 150cm to 170cm mark for 14year old girls is about average. I've asked all my friends, my H.P.E teachers because that's the unit of work we're doing at the moment, even my friend's mum! If you're really worried, ask your doctor, and if you don't want to make it seem like you're asking about yourself because you think they'll give you an false answer (if they do, don't go to them ever again!), ask them about it so you can tell your "friend"

hope that's alright from a 15year old girl
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I am 12 and I weigh about under 6 and a half stone so I would say that's average weight

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