How Do You Use Laughing Gas?


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Never take gas from the dispenser, if can easily freeze your lungs... When it goes into the balloon the warm air around the balloon warms it up to just below room temp.
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The danger in direct contact with the bottle is the chance of freezing your lungs from the liquid in the container. Therefore if you must insist in doing this, put the gas into a balloon and inflate it, then breathe the gas from the balloon. If you do inhale too much the worse thing that will happen is you will let go of the balloon. The dentist uses a mixture of Nitrous and Oxygen to keep the patient from feeling the effects of the procedure but not as to make them have any of the adverse side effects. It is best left to those that are licensed to administer it.
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Laughing gas is more commonly known as Nitrous Oxide which is more commonly used during surgeries and dental procedures. It is a form of an anaesthetic which leaves the person in a state of dizziness, euphoria and some sort of hallucinations. It also leaves the person unconscious.

This substance is used in a gas form and is sprayed near the person's mouth and nose so that he inhales it which therefore has these kinds of adverse effects on the person. This substance is not freely available in the chemists and is only sold to hospitals, clinics and doctors. A person requires a special prescription if he is not related to the medical field.

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