I Have A "Bump" On My Upper Thigh. It's Small But, When You Pick At It It Bleeds. Should I Be Worried About It?


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Mark Westbrook answered
Stop picking at it immediately since you don't know what it is. Picking could make it worse and you could spread bacteria into the wound or bring bacteria out of the injury.

Go and make an appointment with the doctor, you are not supposed to bleeding from your leg and you will not be wasting anyone's time or efforts by getting it check out. It is important that you put your health first, without it, nothing else follows, do you know what I mean when I say that? There is nothing else without your health, so work hard to keep your health strong.

It doesn't sound like anything life threatening but it is worth getting it scene even by a nurse who might be able to identify it and get you some simple help with it. Even if she just gives you some T.C.P for it!
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Yhel Tumbagahan answered
You should be worried about that because you don't know if it is one sign of acquiring cancer. Don't try to ignore it or else it might lead you to complicated disease.

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