What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Bodybuilder, Who Does Not Take Steroids?


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Body building is the result of a professional focus or a fitness regime. The procedures involved and the diet control and supplements suggested are all within the focus. Many take on building their biceps and triceps for professional competitions. While some enthusiasts prefer lifting weights, some take to flexing their muscles and winning titles based on the body flaunted. Such bodies have even been flaunted on the celluloid by famous names like Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Wrestling Federation heroes like the Rock and Undertaker.

The bodybuilders are known to take steroids and vitamin and mineral supplements to add to their muscles. Some fanatics stretch beyond for temporary success and recognition. They do not spare a thought about the effects of these steroids in the long run. The stamina and 'look' play such an important role initially, that they take to synthetic methods to enhance appearance.

The normal life expectancy of any bodybuilder is the same as that of any other person. However, it does differ on the basis of:
- Whether the person lifts weight or simply flaunts for title.
- Whether the person takes steroids for stamina and muscle.
- The age of the person.

The life expectancy is reduced in the case of steroid intake, due to the effect of the drugs on the system. It is also reduced if the person lifts weights and is exposed to the danger of muscle pull and internal damage. The age of the person also plays a major role, as the body is less tolerant to external exertion after a certain age.

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