Is There Any Malpractice Victims Of Monarch Dentistry In Texas Online? Anyone Have Any Helpful Info About This Company? My Grandma Is A 80 Year Old Victim Please Help Me, If You Can These People Need To Be Closed Down Before They Kill Somebody's Grandma Or Grandpa, Or Family Member?


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I am very sorry your 80 year old grandmother is experiencing the results of what appears to have been inferior dental care.
Dental care malpractice suits do exist, however I was unable to find any cases against the Monarch Dental Corp. of Dallas, Texas. Monarch Dental is connected with Dental Centers, and Dentists who work in some HMO's. However, they are not a dental provider and cannot own instruments and other supplies used in a dental office, nor can they hire employees who work in a dental office. They apparently hire dentists to work in centers owned by the corporation.

From what I have read it appears the person responsible for malpractice in treating your grandmother is the dentist and anyone connected with the supplies used to provide her treatment. I was unable to locate any information related to litigation against this dentist since I do not know the name of the dentist.

My suggestion is to contact a dental litigation attorney and talk with this person about your grandmother's situation. Perhaps there is a class action suit against the dentist. You can enter the name into the google search bar and check for dental malpractice litigations in Texas. You can also contact a dentist in private practice, have your grandmother examined and seek advice or recommendations for improving your grandmother's present dental condition.

Monarch Dental is or has been in litigation it appears, however the litigations are related to an age discrimination suit and with securities fraud, it appears from court documents I viewed.
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Yes I was a victum of Monarch Dental. They almost killed me. I went in for a root canal due to an absess. On my gum. I was told I could drive myself and go to work afterword. They shot me with Lidocaine and Ephinefrine(sp) .They payed NO ATTENTION TO MY BLOOD PRESSURE. As  I was walking into work about  2 hrs later. I totally passed out and had to be taken to the hospital .2 minutes earlier and I would have been driving and could have killed someone or myself. My primary care doctor said I should never have been told I could drive myself  or work after a dental procedure. They plummented my Blood Pressure to a dangerous level.
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Yes my 16 year old  son was injured by a doctor that modified and arch expander.Now his mouth has permanent scars in the hard pallet of his mouth.  It embedded itself in the roof of his mouth. I am trying to file a class action law suit against this company to prevent them from being able to practice in the state of Texas. Please help, anyone that has issues that has led to any kind of injury or even death. Please file a claim with the Texas Attorney General Office (Gregg Abbot )  we need to have enough claims on file in order to stop this company from harming anyone else.
God Bless
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The only business I can find called "Monarch Dentistry" is in Ontario, Canada, so probably, I'm guessing, you got the name slightly wrong?

Could it be Monarch Dental Group? Which is a management company for up to 158 separate dentistry practices, in 13 states, including Texas.

Some info about the corporation, including their Dallas headquarters, I think that's the headquarters office.

There are also branches in Mansfield TX, San Antonio, many others no, doubt...

If you really think your Gran was a victim of their malpractice then go see a lawyer. Get the yellow pages out where you live and talk to 5 lawyers with adverts saying that they do no-win/ no-fee lawsuits. If all the lawyers think your case is worth pursuing, go with the lawyer who seems best (is nice to you, has big fangs for the other guys).
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I have also had problems with them.  They removed teeth and left excess bone. I  don't know what to do. I just know I can't go back there.  It felt like torture.  I caught infection in my bones. Months later still having trouble. I think I may need a lawyer

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Yes,I have a complaint.I went to monarch just last week.I had a bad bridge in the I wanted removed.And I also had a loose tooth.They right away wanted me to see their specialist there the next day.He told me I was going to loose all of my teeth if I didn't take aggressive action.They took impressions and planned to pull all of my upper teeth my the end of the month.I decided to see another dentist for another opinion.The new dentist told me most of my upper teeth were fine and did not need to be pulled all I needed was one extraction and a new bridge.I had already paid them $626.00 and they refused to refund any of my money although they had only taken a couple of exrays and a impression.They also had me taking 2650mg of antibiotics a day that the new dentist said throw away because they were serving to purpose.I feel I have really been taken advantage of.I probably wood have ended up like your Grandmother.
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I too ,have not had very good success with Monarch Dental, the sad thing is; it is the particular dentist doing the work on you at the time for that company and they may or may not be real good or they may be very new and not experienced enough yet or you may have a tooth or tooth canal that is deep , curved roots, not as easy as some teeth to work on , I have been having alot of trouble with paying for a root canal then having to go to more of a specialist to finsh the root canal (they say) which costs more and as much as the other doc you already have seen for that tooth so you are really paying twice , then they can not put crowns on right or on certain teeth in your mouth because they are hard to reach; so you end up having the tooth or glue all over and dig into your gums that cause pain and they do not fix the problem they refer you on which i said ,costs double; you pay then ;then pay the better person to do the more , this needs to stop and they need to be responsible for doing what you pay for them to do; properly ;and do a good job when you pay them and not sending you on to a better person just to pay some more money on that same tooth ;but fix it right and or till ( they do fix it right ! )---- you thought you already paid all for everything ,but they just want more money and more money ; instead of doing it right ; now my crown is pressing into the gum when i bite down and has a gap where the tooth meets the gum on the crown and is sharp! No wonder people try their chances and go to Mexico!

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