What Is Terazol For?


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Terazol is the brand name for Terconazole (the generic name). Typically it is prescribed in treatment of candidiasis (which is a yeast-like fungal infection) in particular of the vulva and vagina. Bear in mind that the full course of Terazol treatment should be completed even though you see improvement. This is done so that candidiasis does not recur. You need to use Terazol during your menstrual period as well.

You will find Terazol 3 as well as Terazol 7 Vaginal Cream. For the former, a typical dose would be an applicator full (that is, 5 grams) of cream to be inserted into the vagina every day at bedtime. Simply put Terazol 3 needs to be applied for 3 consecutive days and Terazol 7 basically for 7 consecutive days. With Terazol 3 Vaginal Suppositories again it would be one suppository every day at bedtime for totally 3 consecutive days.
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Terazol is used so as to treat yeast infections and also other types of fungal infections. It is used instead of Monistat when the infection has become resistant to Monistat and therefore could be a stronger family of fungal infection. The description of the use was excellent in the above rating. I tried to put the answer to a 3 but it wouldn't let me change the rating.

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