Can Citalopram And Acai Berry Be Taken Together?


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I went through the list of conflicts with the drug Citalopram yesterday on the database. And there was no mention of Acai Berry being a conflict. I had been taking Citalopram anyway and was taking Acai Berry at the same time, because my doctore didn't mention Acai Berry for conflicts, and they said I didn't need to know any more. What I was looking up was about Diphenhyadramine which, in HCl form, is the active ingredient of the over the counter sleeping pill Nytol, which does a good job in getting me to sleep. As I thought, Nytol is a moderate conflict for Citalopram, though my doctors had never heard of Nytol I think one did mention Diphenhydramine, though I couldn't remember the chemical name of Nytol when I was having an appointment. So now I'm not taking Nytol just in case, and I just received a new box of Acai Berry through the post today, and, bewilderingly, the label says "Do not use if you are using mao inhibitor, medication (anti-depressants)." - The comma is on the lable, so it's not at all clear if this means specifically mao inhibitor, whatever that is, or any general anti-depressant medication. I am nearly sure it is the first one - as it would probably say SRIs (Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors) because they are one of couple of the most prominent groups of anti-depressants.

Basically has more or less every potential conflict known to man. For example, looking up Diphenhydramine first (rather than what conflicts with Citalopram first, which is not too much on that database compared with a lot of drugs), there are nearly 700 catologued conflicts. And that's not really untypical on the database. So, Acai Berry not having come up for a conflict with Citalopram, and Acai being a wildly popular drug / foodstuff these days, I feel safe in taking Citalopram with Acai. I think I more or less have a feeling about these things, having gone through the research. The Drug,com database brought up Sumatriptan which I take for migraines, saying it is a moderate conflict and I felt odd taking it. I checked the notes from the Citalopram box again and realised I had missed that Sumatriptan was mentioned, but it didn't say to avoid them, just that there had been some adverse reactions noted, and if you are taking Cit. With Sum., to watch how it goes and be ready to drop the Sumatriptan.

Moderate conflicts should be taken seriously, though also, often it can be a case of taking the two drugs 5 or more hours apart (usually after you are used to a drug like Citalopram and not in the early stages of getting used to  a serious drug like Citalopram, when you really are at danger for example of a weak heart beat / respiratory problems combined with, for example, sedatives where you are not aware enough to get yourself up and moving, so you could be harmed or, an extreme but real possibility, die).

I'm not concerned at all about conflicts between Citalopram and Acai. The last Acai Berry pill I was taking was one of the premium herbal ones with a whole mixture of great herbal remedies, sich as cascada whatever (aka natures' gift or something like that). The latter herbal thing is also given as a moderate conflict with Citalopram. You ought to be pretty wary.

For the drugs conflict database - anyone can access it online without being a member or anything like that - to find it go to Google and search with " conflict database". I've seen my British doctor use it in my surgery appointment - it's very well regarded.
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Sorry, it's The drug conflict checker is at this Web address:


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