Can A Person Catch Pneumonia From Smoking Marijuana?


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They can not catch it from just smoking it unless they were smoking with and hit it after someone eho had pneumonia, but I think it would be sort of hard to smoke it if you are that sick. I do think that if you already have a lung problem or an immune problem, that smoking anything could help an already weak system get pneumonia. But not just from smoking weed.
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This is absolutely the case. Cannabis buds are often contaminated with the bacteria, and/or the fungi which cause Pneumonia in humans. This combined with the fact that long term Cannabis use has been shown to possibly interfere with immune function, means that Cannabis smokers have a higher risk than non-smokers of catching pneumonia.

Second time I've had Pneumonia in three months.
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Not unless you pass out in the rain or on a cold night for hours .

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