How Can Ambulatory Care Services Improve?


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There is a body of officials dedicated to this exact cause - ‘The Ambulatory Care Quality Alliance: Improving Clinical Quality and Consumer Decision Making.’

These services can only improve with a thorough shake-up of the health care system itself, where physicians and clinics are being taxed to the limit with workloads that can detract from providing a proper service for the consumer. The aim is to harmonize the various branches of Ambulatory Care into one cohesive unit, so that the problems may be tackled as a whole by a group - as opposed to one clinic and physician dealing with the all the problems. In order for the services to improve there as to be co-operation at all levels - from the stakeholders, to the medical unions, and to you the consumer as a support within the community.

At the moment, clinics, hospitals and surgeries are severely understaffed. This has led to a breakdown in communication, the provision of good care, lack of properly regulated standards of nursing etc.  This is due to lack of money, as well as poor training for many of the staff. The answer to improving the ambulatory care program, along with various groups working together to provide the support needed, is the importance of proper training for staff. At all times, patient safety should be the priority - therefore more data needs to be gathered on what is wrong with the ambulatory care process before targets can be put into place for improvements to happen.

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