How Do I Get Rid Of Nicotine Out Of My Body?


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It is only detectable for 24 hours in saliva.
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Kathy S answered
Drink plenty of fluids, water , juice and etc. Also eat plenty of waster based fruits, watermelon, canteloupe ,and etc.
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HI there it takes 72 hours to leave and cravings to stop,however it takes a month before there is no trace to be found in the bloodstream. Good luck.
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If  you are not a smoker can you get in you system or blood through 2nd have smoke?
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I takes a very long time, months really, because when a smoker quits, they crave for a long time after they quit, and it is a "habit" that takes a long time to teach yourself not to do. If you are thinking of quitting, I wish you all the luck in the world, I have been trying to quit for a while, and am having a very difficult time with it.
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Nicotine takes about 30 days to get out of the system. Nicotine is like tar in the blood  stream and very difficult to flush out of the body.

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