How Do You Get Marijuana Out Of Your System?


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It is not marijuana that stays in your system, but the THC, the crystals you can visibly see on marijuana. It clings to the fat in your body and can stay there for a long time as there is nothing flushing it away as it would if it was stored in your bloodstream or stomach.

So technically this could depend on how much fat you have to store the THC, but this has not been proven so weight or fat mass of a person does not come into this until it has been proven that there is a coloration between the fat mass of a person and how long the THC stays in your system.

Although this is the case and the THC stays in your body, it is not detectable forever and will not show up on a test forever.

There are the main ways to test whether a person has taken marijuana recently, by urine, by blood and by hair. Urine tests are the most popular and you can detect marijuana in urine tests for up to three months after it has been smoked or consumed.

Blood tests are the second most popular and the drug can be detected up to two months after taking it.

Hair is the least common way to test for marijuana and this will be in your hair for as long as it is on your head. If you are worried about this, you should cut your hair so that all of the hair on your head will have grown since the last time you have had the drug.

Of course, this all depends on your body and what takes two months for one body, may only take another body one month. This is because all of our bodies work in different ways.
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Exercise and burn fat, as long as you are sweating you will know that every drop of sweat is the THC leaving from your body, you can cut that 30 days into 2 weeks if you exercise and sweat a lot, you have to stop smoking too, eat well and drink your cranberry juice.
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I know someone who has court May 21st and may have to take a urine test. Last time they smoked was Sunday the 26th, only a little. Before that previous week in a half it was once a day. Is it possible using cranberry juice, vitamin B12 and Green tea vitamins to clean the system for a passing test of no marijuana?
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You can go to the health food store and get a cleanser.
Cost about 19.00 --25.00. 'quick clean is one.
These are pills [4] you take with water.
Good for passing drug tests. Works every time...
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If you only use once, it will be out of your system in 3-10 days.. There isn't much you can do to get it out sooner.
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Pot stays in your body, stored in fat tissues, potentially your whole life. However, it is very unusual to be released in sufficient quantities to have an intoxicating effect or be measurable in urine screens. Heavy pot smokers, people who have smoked for years on a daily basis, very commonly have detectable amounts in their urine for at least two weeks. In these cases, pot may periodically reappear following heavy physical exertion or weight loss as it is released from fat stores.

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Recently a friend of mine asked me - what is CBD oil good for? I told him that this remedy has a lot of advantages and one of them is that it helps to feel much better, after sleep you feel rested. I now take this oil to be more productive in my studies! Good luck!

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I'm in the same situation. THC hides in your fat cells. I've heard it is like soap in a sponge. You want to drink tons of water and sweat. Niacin can help but you have to make sure it is not the "flush free" kind. The non "flush free" can open your capillaries for better circulation to get that stuff out. The less fat you have the sooner it will leave your system. Your fat metabolites usually leave through urine but can be diverted through your crap with a high fiber diet. Most test are the cheap dipstick style but they do check for a specific gravity so you can't dilute your piss too much or it will fail. If you fail the cheap test and are not truely clean you're screwed. The expensive test follows to verify that you failed. It will show every masking precaution that has been taken.
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One doesnt anymore as detectable traces of any substance introduced into the human body can remain for up to 6 months (couple weeks for UA test) after last usage and anything used to try to eliminate these traces can be detected and listed as "covering agents" and only compound your problems so you only have yourself to blame here but be prepared. The new and improved drug tests cannot tell a amount or when last used
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THC is very slow moving through the system in regular users b/c it is stored in the fat. There is nothing you can do to get it out quick.
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The only way you can do this and get 100% results is not to smoke it for 30 Days. They say there is things on the market that could fool a urine test but this is not true because of the technology today it can still be picked up. THC is a powerful drug and that's why it stays in your system so long, same as nicotine does.
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Are you trying to get it out of your system for a drug test? If so, your local smoke shop should sell products to remove it from your hair or urine for your drug test. THEY WORK. But, you have to follow the directions on the label. To get it out of your entire metabolic system is another matter because yes, it IS stored in fat and it takes around 30 days of non-use for it to be gone, DEPENDING on how much body fat you have and how active you are. Also, it will stay in your hair for six months to a year (which is why some employers hair test for drugs and why you'll need to visit your smoke shop if you're getting hair tested) so, it really depends on what information you're looking for. 
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Marijuana and other related drugs may take up to days, weeks, and even months to get out of your body. If you start with the detoxification process, it may take up to even a month. There are many products available which help remove the substance tetrahydrocannabinol or THC which is found in marijuana. Substances of marijuana are generally found in hair, blood and urine. The detoxifying products clean out the three main parts of the system. These products are easily found in the market. You may also purchase drug detection kits to help you know the existence of marijuana in the body. It is also reported to drink a lot of water and do daily exercises which will also help you to stay fit and healthy.
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My friend drank a gallon of water, every day.
After a week of doing so, his ankles were swollen...and in extreme pain.
His drug test was exactly the day after his 7th gallon of water,
and his passed.

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