What Is Family Planning?


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Family planning is helpful because couples can have a number of children they want and easy to care for.Developing countries where many couples don't use family planning have high numbers of street children and high infant mortality rates.I also think family planning is helping in reducing abortions,therefore FP is necessary and important.
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Family Planning is when you and your boyfriend go to speak with a councilor about birth control, so you don't get pregnant and you can learn all everything you need to know. Also you can go there to learn how to take care of your child or children before an abuse could start, how to try to be a good parent.
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Family planning is very important and necessary thing. The newly married couple has to decide about the future of their life and must plan it well, for spending a peaceful life. In the current time, when every one is struggling very hard for basic needs of life, there should be a small family, which they can easily handle.

There must be not more then two Childs either male or female. But alas there is very big problem in some countries that until they don't have any male child. They try again and again and in this struggle, the give birth 10 or 11 Childs. And then don't able to manage them. When there is not any family planning then after some time parents become fed up from children, because they can't fulfill their needs.

There should be at least 1 or 2 year gap between two children. Otherwise mother health is also effected. Because she have to handle both of them. Which become very difficult for her.

If parents have so much money then, they also have to bring two children. So they can handle them easily and can grow them in a well manner. Also can give good quality time to both of them, and also can live their own personal life happily.
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Family Planning is the general title for the scientific, natural and moral methods of family planning that can help married couples either achieve or postpone pregnancies. For over 40 years, Maine Family Planning has been leading the charge to raise awareness and to prevent unintended pregnancy in Maine.

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Family planning in health care setting has something to do with controlling pregnancy and or child birth.. You plan for the best in your family.. Only have kids you can afford to raise up well..
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Family planning is having the number of children that you want, and when you want to have them.

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