What Does It Mean When A Pregnancy Test Comes Back Blank?


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This depends on what type of pregnancy test you used. If store bought, read the instructions carefully, some may only have a line if you are pregnant. As well you should always use your morning stream as this is when it is highest in hormones to get a more accurate reading. When in doubt, best test is a blood test, which most family planning clinics will do for free.
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I would like to know what causes a test to come back blank I took three now different brands and they all showed no results
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If the second window (the control window) is empty that means the test didnt work go try another and it will be more accurate
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I can only answer this by telling you what happened to me and it also depends on the test as some have lines and some have dots. But I am pretty certain that if both windows have dots in then it is positive, Normally the first window has a mark in it so you know that you have done the test correctly and then the second window is your pregnancy confirmation window which is either a dot or a line. But you need to read your instructions to know what the symbol is for negative and positive.
My guess is that it is negative but its hard to be certain as I can't see it and have no instructions.
Hope this helps, sorry I couldn't be of more help!!!

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