Does An Ectopic Pregnancy Show Up On A Pregnancy Test?


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If you are having an ectopic pregnancy then you should still expect the result of a home pregnancy test to come out positive. However, you would not know if it was an ectopic pregnancy as a result of conducting the test.

An ectopic pregnancy occurs when the fertilized egg has not merged into the womb. Instead, this egg has remained in the fallopian tube, or on rarer occasions the ovary or within the abdomen.

A home pregnancy test Kit will pick up an ectopic pregnancy

You may only know to test that you are pregnant though if you have other pregnancy symptoms such as:

- No period

- Tender and larger breasts

- Morning sickness

How do I tell if it is an ectopic pregnancy?

This would be the associated symptoms. Although there are a collection symptoms that often occur when you are pregnant; they are often more severe when you are having an ectopic pregnancy. For example, in the most severe of cases, you would experience very strong pains as a result of internal bleeding from the fallopian tubes becoming ruptured.

However, in other cases there are absolutely no symptoms whatsoever. This means that the pregnancy has simply died out as a result of not being in the womb. This is not uncommon, with roughly 10,700 ectopic pregnancies occurring in the UK every year, many people will never even be aware they were pregnant.

The best way for you to confirm if you are having an ectopic pregnancy is to consult your doctor and go for an ultrasound scan. It is quite common for this scan to be transvaginal; helping doctors to get the best view of your fallopian tubes. 

If you are in the earlier stages of pregnancy, it may not be easy to detect whether or not the pregnancy is ectopic or not. In which case, you should ensure that you go for another ultrasound scan a few days after the initial scan.

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I had an ectopic pregnancy a year a go. I could not get a postive test from an at home pregnancy test. In fact, not even at the OBGYN office. I hemoroged for ten days in severe pain. It wasn't until I was sent for blood work and an ultra sound to find out that I was pregnant. I was sent to have surgery and my fallopian tube was so damaged and almost errupted. I not only lost the fetus but also the fallopian tube. I have since had a second miscarriage and that also was not detected by an at home pregnancy test either. So, yes you can be pregnant even if the test results show negative. Follow the pregnancy signs and don't forget-you know your body best!
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A normal pregnancy can also sometimes fail to register on a pregnancy test. Similarly it may be possible for an ectopic pregnancy to have a negative result. An ectopic or out of place pregnancy causes the same sort of sensations felt by pregnant women. These include nausea, breast tenderness, vomiting, frequent urination etc. There are certain other signs that you can look out for incase it is an ectopic pregnancy. These include a sharp pain in the area of the pelvis. It is generally an intensely sharp and stabbing sort of pain. Then there can be vaginal bleeding, lower back pain, low blood pressure and dizziness and fainting. In its early stages the problem can be medically treated but later stages may require surgery. It is imperative that you seek medical advice immediately.
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Yes, if you have a tubal pregnancy and you take a home pregnancy test, it will show up as would a non-tubal pregnancy. If you were to take a blood test to determine whether or not you were pregnant, it would show up. Those tests are all able to determine if you are pregnant or not by hormone levels. If you know or suspect you have a tubal pregnancy, it must be given proper medical attention ASAP. As far as I know, medicine has not yet figured out a way of saving both mother and baby, so the pregnancy will have to be terminated. If it is not terminated, it WILL kill you (from internal bleeding) early on. It will out-grow your fallopian tube, causing it to rupture, bleed, ending the lives of both mother and fetus.
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If you think you could be pregnant, even if you have a negative pregnancy test, you should call the doctor.  My sister had a tubal pregnancy and almost died from it because she went to her family doctor and they did a urine pregnancy test and it was negative, so they set up an ultrasound at the hospital and sent her home.  She went for her ultrasound and nothing was said to her.  That night, her tube ruptured.  They said that she would have died that night had she not gone to the ER.  Just because a hpt is negative doesn't mean that you aren't having a tubal pregnancy.  I would def call the doctor.
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Yes, your definitely can!!! It happened to me in 2004 and the test was taken in the emergency room.  I was told I was preg. By my results from my blood work.  I was 9 1/2 weeks!!  My fallopian tube ruptured and I almost bleed to death internally.  My left tube was removed and now I am scared I might be going through it again.  I am five days late and getting neg. Results with a home pregnancy test.  I have no pain or signs of a period or pregnancy.  I will be seeing my doctor first thing monday if I don't have my period.  If you ever fell pain go to the ER right away.  It is the worst pain I have ever felt in my life.
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Is it possible that you can take a pregnancy test by blood and it says negative and you still be pregnant but in your tubes?
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Hello I put a response to ur question further down, my phone just now let me comment directly to you. Below is a lot more complete but the answer is yes.
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Ectopic pregnancy, typo in question.

Learn more about what an ectopic pregnancy is.

The hormone levels produced by ectopic pregnancy are low enough that they may produce a false negative or an ambigious result in an over the counter pregnancy test. But this is still unlikely. A blood test can confirm with virtually 100% reliability whether a woman really is pregnant, and ultrasound can verify whether the embryo has implanted in the womb (normal) or in the fallopian tubes (the case in an ectopic pregnancy).

Ectopic pregnancies are typically very dangerous to the mother, and never successful for the embryo. They usually require medical treatment to resolve safely (read more).

Ectopic pregnancies are usually only suspected and diagnosed after the woman feels sharp abdominal pains in early pregnancy. These may indicate that the pregnancy has already progressed to a life-threatening stage.
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I've taken 3 pregnancy test and they all have came back negative, but I have all the symptoms of pregnancy and 2 days ago I had a really really bad pain, I was doubled over I couldnt move it was the worse pain of my life, and I'm still having really bad pain could this be it ? I've come so nauseous and I can't stop shaking when these pains hit me !
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Iam 48.I .have a cycle between 26 and 30days.My last lmp was 1/17/Iam never late/I have 5 children.My 6th pregnancy eneded as etopic in 2000.I lost my left  tube.I took a pregananct test saturday and had a invalid result.a positive line showed up but not a control line.I took 2 more test those came out negative.Still no period.I never miss.Iam afraid of haveing another etopic.
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Yes most of the time, you will test positive and not know it is etopic until you start having trouble, or through ultrasound
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Ive came across this post scanning the internet, my difference is my Mirena IUD. I got it about 21/2 years ago but its giving me HELL. I can't stop hurting I'm crouched over CONSTANTLY. The pain is if I'm in labor again with my son, sometimes worst. I have not had a period in a full year and a half, maybe longer? I don't understand if this is safe, this pain is about to make me loose it. Lately its unbarable.
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Thank you for your comment, I have been doing research after research thinking it just has to be something else since the at home test was negative but I had all of the symptoms.
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You wouldnt be going to the bathroom so much yet or having food cravings yet that could all be in your head... It happened to me

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