Are Vegetarians Healthier Than Meat-Eaters?


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Well I should hope so! Considering all the tasty foods that vegetarians are missing out on, I'd like to think they're at least getting something out of their dietary choice.

The truth is that, although vegetarians tend to be healthier overall, sticking to a vegetarian diet doesn't necessarily mean that you'll be any healthier.

Are vegetarians healthier than meat-eaters?

The main problem I came across when reading up about this question is that most studies are inconclusive.

Yes, vegetarians seem to get the better deal when it comes to questions like:

  • Who's more at risk of cancer?
  • Who's most likely to suffer heart disease?
  • Who has the healthier lifestyle?
But the reasons behind why vegetarians seem to fare slightly better than meat eaters is unclear.
One question that remains unanswered is: Does eating meat actually cause health problems? Or does eating more greens, seeds and veg protect you better?

Another factor that complicates things is that vegetarians are less likely to be smokers, and are more likely to be fit and active.

This makes sense to me- anyone that could be so concerned about their health that they'd give up on BBQ ribs must be really focused on their well-being in other areas too.

To eat meat or not to eat meat? That is the question.

You'll often hear the argument from meat eaters that meat is a vital source of protein. The truth is there are plenty of vegetarian protein sources out there (think spinach or soy).

A Silverback Gorilla manages to grow to around 500 pounds eating nothing but shrubs, roots and grub!

After reading a few different articles, I'd have to conclude that vegetarians tend to be healthier overall- although there's nothing to say that meat-eaters can't be just as healthy if they pay attention to their overall diet and lifestyle.
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A vegetarian lifestyle is healthier than a meat diet.. Read the China story.

Vegetarian countries do not get the Western meat-eating diseases But as soon as a veggie country turns to Western meat eating habits, then they start to see Western diseases come into play such as heart attack and stroke.  Vegetarians have a longer life expectancy than meat eaters.

Some anti vegetarian people will play on the protein factor because meat is pushed for protein  but they do not use logic.They need to do a bit of homework.

They do not think about how the cow, horse, deer, sheep etc  etc that people eat are full of protein but are vegetarians - so where do they get their protein from? 

The answer is the ground, from the plants that these animals have eaten. We do NOT have to have meat or fish!!  In fact most people are overloaded with protein, which is bad news, because of this great Western protein myth.  Many illnesses are improved by going veggie.

Getting our protein 2nd- or 3rd-hand through eating the plant eaters is costly and wastes resources and also meat is full of nasties such as anti-biotics, growth hormones, other hormones, steroids etc etc.

Also people in developing countries are dying, in their millions because we take their grain to feed our factory farm animals, and we only get 10 per cent back to eat as 90 per cent goes into growing the animal/meat and keeping it alive. Incredibly wasteful and unsustainable!

Meat eaters also use 20 times the water of a veggie.

Believe me, Vegetarianism is healthier, kinder to ALL species and the earth and is sustainable and fair to ALL.
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I would think if they have always been vegetarians, and depending if they got a clean bill of health prior to going vegetarian, then yes.

Everyone should be aware that meat should not be eaten but we do it, most animals don't eat meat except very active ones like tigers, lions and other animals that hunt for food.

Most animals eat vegetables, meat is one of the hardest foods for the body to process and digest......the best to you
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Yes, they are as they tend to eat far less fat and more vegetables and fruit.

A person can live a very healthy life not eating meat and fish and also has less chance of developing diseases such as Coronary Heart Disease.
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Yes, in my opinion vegetarians are healthier than meat eaters. As a group, they are more conscious of their dietary requirements.

It's a fact that North Americans eat way too much meat, more than the world average, as it is readily available and constantly pushed our way.

It hasn't always been that way, it's gotten worse with factory farming in recent times.

I think eating some meat is ok, but there shouldn't be so much emphasis placed on it. The best nutrients come from the side dishes of vegetables anyway.

If you're concerned about sustainability, ethical treatment of animals, the environment, not to mention your own health, you would be doing some good by cutting down on the amount of meat you consume.
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In my opinion, not necessarily.

I believe that the vegetarian and or meat-lover has to exercise physically and maintain a sense of peace, especially emotional peace.

Without physical exercise and peace of mind, I don't care how many or how much vegetables, meats or both are eaten, that person will not be healthy and sound. This includes exercising forgiveness of the heart.
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That would depend greatly on the specific eating habits. While a diet lacking meat can help avoid certain health problems (digestive problems, heart disease, kidney and gallstones, etc).

A vegetarian diet must compensate for the lack of protein. It is possible to live a healthier and more environmentally-friendly life as a vegetarian: You just need to do it right.
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I'd like to think so. Not to mention all of the animals you're saving by not eating meat. Maybe you should look up Casey Calvert (R.I.P.) He started a lot of protests against meat industries, (especially KFC for mistreatment of chickens before they killed them).
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Vegetarianism does not necessarily mean better or worse health. People need to eat a balanced, and healthy diet.

I know "vegetarians" that live on bean burritos from Taco bell and Twinkies, and meat eaters that only eat the leanest cuts of the purest meat.

Vegetarians often have to work a little harder at consuming enough calories and appropriate amounts of nutrients.

If a meat-eater puts as much energy into watching what they eat, I think they can be/are equally healthy.
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Meat vs vegetarian does NOT mean  fat vs skinny

  • If you want to lose weight, eat less fat, eat more fibre, and do more cardio exercise.
  • If you want to gain weight, eat more fat, eat less fibre, and lift more weights.
You can do either of these things whether you eat meat or not.

But, you get MUCH more protein for your money from "vegetarian" sources, such as peanuts, beans, and lentils.

Meat is more expensive, and it also makes your sweat smell bad. I'd recommend it only in moderation.
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No, because you need to eat everything on the food pyramid (except the the sweets!) to get all the vitamins needed in your body. A lot of something is never good- just eat a balenced meal, and exercise 60 min a day.
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Being vegetarian is good for our health because we acquire vitamins and minerals directly from vegetables and fruits. Rather than eating cooked meat and fishes, because meats and fishes are poor source of vitamins.

But being vegetarian, does not mean that you have the complete advantage with other people who eat all types of food. Vegetarians sometimes experience lack of protein, since vegetable are not a rich source of protein foods.

Beans and nuts are only some of the common source of protein in vegetables.
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Hi, I know vegetables are better than meat, because meat can make us fat and it has cholesterol.
If we always have it, so we should eat it equally with both vegetables and meat or have more vegetable which contain water.
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Lean red meat can actually help you loose weight a common mistake the alot of veg. Make or assume! It's proven look it up. The food pyramid says 2-3 servings of meat per day, naturally if you have wayyyy more than that you will be or get fat or it's just plain bad for your health! If you have eat only meat it's bad for you if you eat only veggies it's just as bad! That's why there is a balance on the food pyramid to be at your healthiest. Don't blame meat, blame your lack of knowledge about food
Curious Ten
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It says 2-3 servings from this groups, which includes soy products, chick peas, tofu, etc. Though the thing I found most emphasised is that the fat is trimmed off the meat first.
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Well they can be healthier but fatter if you eat a lot of junk food. I lost wight but gained it again as a vegetarian.
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Yes but they don't get as much protein as they need that people get from meat.
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No, because you need to eat everything on the food pyramid (except the the sweets!) to get all the vitamins needed in your body. A lot of something is never good- just eat a balanced meal.

Mesmart1 I think you are wrong about the sweets. But I may be wrong. The body needs glucose and other things from sweets. If you did not need it it would not be on the food pyramid.
Not that I am addicted to sweets or anything.

And I am a vegetarian, but it's part of my religion. Maybe once in a blue moon do I eat chicken and only chicken. Really I am not being forced to be a vegetarian. In fact I tried a bite from a
turkey sandwich: It was disgusting. I spat it out.
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I eat meat and I'm quite healthy!! At least that's what my doctor said anyway. The reason I eat meat is simply because the Holy Bible says I can! In Genesis it says that God made every green herb for meat AND every LIVING thing shall also be MEAT!!

The Bible also talks about venison as a savory meat. Much talk about meat is in the New Testament as well.

I don't need to justify myself as what is healthy or not Jesus Christ does in his Word, he wouldn't allow something that hurt my body; that's man's doing. God gave us knowledge on what things harms our bodies, let's be smart about our choices.
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No vegetarians aren't healthier because you need to eat everything and meat has protein so it's healthier for you.
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Yes because most meat is fatty food.
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Not all fat is bad for you. You need certain fat to allow your body to process certain vitamins properly. If you eat lots of fatty food, and dont excercise, then you will become fat, but with a balanced diet and excercise this can be avoided and you can be as if not more than healthy than a vegetarian. There are some minerals that cannot be replicated in pills or found in non meat products that vegetarians miss out on as well, so vegetarianism should never be classed as the healthy option.

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