What Are The Disadvantages For Cannabis?


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• Cannabis smokers generally inhale more for longer, depositing four times more tar in their lungs than a cigarette smoker.
• A common side-affect is anxiety, panic, paranoia and feelings of impending doom.
• Cannabis is beginning to be linked to be a trigger of schizophrenia, a long-term psychological disease of the mind that has symptoms of sever paranoia and violence.
• Although it kills cancer cells it also kills brain cells.
• Can harm short-term memory if smoked roughly twice a day for 25 to 30 years.
• Can make you lazy, aggressive apathetic and lethargic.
• There is no way to check the quality of the ingredients if bought illegally and can get you involved in the wrong crowd such as gangs and criminals.
• It can give men breasts.
• If smoked with tobacco it can promote a nicotine addiction.
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There are lots of great things about cannabis that get overlooked because of the conspiracy. Some of the bad things include making you stupid, smoke is a carcinogen, and it makes people slow and lethargic.
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Cannabis is linked to a mental illness and also can make you do things you may later regret however they say it can reduce depression. Cannabis appears to be able to help reduce the side effects of chemotherapy treatment given to cancer patients.Extracts also seem to benefit patients suffering from multiple sclerosis, stopping muscle spasms. The drug can also help in the treatment of patients suffering from glaucoma, one of the commonest causes of blindness, by reducing fluid pressure in the eye.
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The disadvantages of taking cannabis would be that you could get addicted and become dependent on it. You would find yourself wanting it more and more. Then your body would live on it.

When you take cannabis it could effect how your body functions properly.
If you wish to fin out more talk to frank.
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What the point, your killing your self, you might as well just kill yourself instead of making your self suffer by smoking, go ahead if you think it's the best way to die.

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