Can A 60 Year Old Man Get A Woman Pregnant?


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David Mathley answered
Yes. Many men over 60 have live sperm and can get a woman pregnant.
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Dave answered
Yes. In 2007, a man fathered his 21st child at the age of 90.
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Anonymous answered
Yes. Once a man reaches sexual maturity, he can remain fertile until death. The limiting time frame for pregnancy is the woman's body clock.
Of course, everybody's different. Some men and women are infertile regardless of their ages. If you're asking for any reason other than idle curiosity, I'd recommend seeing your doctor. They can explain it better than any internet.
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Ugh, yes he can. Once he hits puberty he remains fertile throughout his life. Why would you ask that though.
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Eleanor jones answered
Provided the girl was fertile then yes he can. Men don,t stop producing their gametes like women do .

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