What Do A Man And Woman Do To Get Pregnant?


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Well, dear if you don't know that, then I believe that you are too young to know that. Give it time, everything is not important in this life to know about.
Take care.
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Um, your like 12, and if your parents won't tell you then they obviously think your to young so ask in a couple years.
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You have unprotected sex! But i wouldn't suggest it unless you are fully able and ready to take on all the responsibilities of having a baby. It's not just the physical (pregnancy), but's also emotionally and mentally challenging. You also have to be mature enough to handle the responsibilities as well as financially stable enough to afford all that you need. So think before you act.
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You'll find out after a day in south central la.
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Well son, when a man loves a woman he takes his penis and sticks it in her vagina..the penis starts doing the happy dance..and throws up! ALOT!
And that's how babies are made son!

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