Why Do I Get Boils On The Lip Of My Vagina?


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Boils on the lips of the vagina are usually caused by bacteria called Staphylococcus Aureus. These usually live harmlessly on the skin or in the nose but can cause problems like boils, if the skin is broken by things such as shaving too close to the skin, scratching or rubbing. Ingrown hairs, which are fairly common after waxing, obesity, poor nutrition and poor hygiene can also be contributing factors.

Once the bacteria enter the skin, they set up an infection around the base of hairs, causing painful lumps that swell, fill up with pus and eventually burst. Using ice can help relieve pain but ultimately you may want to burst the boil by lancing to release pus build-up, although you will need to be very hygienic because it is easy to re-infect the area.

Make sure that your hands are clean, use antibacterial soap and cover the boil. If possible, shower last thing at night and early in the morning.

Some people will advise you to burst the boil yourself, but it would be a better idea to have it done by a medical person who will usually drain the pus using a needle and syringe or by making a small cut in the skin. The wound is then cleaned and covered with a dressing until it heals.

The skin usually heals quickly once the pus has been drained but sometimes a course of antibiotics is prescribed to help clear the bacterial infection from the skin.

It would be worthwhile consulting a doctor, especially if the boils keep recurring. Tests can be done to find out the underlying cause and to rule out a condition called Hidradenitis suppurativa that results in excessive boils, ranging in size from small peas to large baseballs. These boils are not caused by bacteria, so antibiotics would not help and you would be wasting your money on them and still have the boils!
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Several women ask about treating a vaginal boil or boil on labia (vaginal lips). A boil is a limited to a small area infection deep in the skin. A boil usually begin as a reddened, sensitive area of skin, the infected area becomes firm and hard. Center of the abscess become softer and filled with infection-fighting white blood cells. The mixture of white blood cells, bacteria, and proteins is known as pus, the pus forms a head, Boil care and treatment is very important. If boils left untreated, genital boils can spread and, or turn into infection. If it develops into infection, antibiotics are needed. Boils are likely to appear in armpit or on the face, neck, or genital areas; genital boils sign include:

Pus-filled lumps those are red, tender, and painful
A vaginal boil can cause by, Poor nutrition, Poor hygiene, Ingrown hair, plugged sweat glands that turn out to be infected. The most common cause of a boil on labia any break in the skin, even a small cut or scrape, can develop into an abscess, which can become infected with bacteria.

How to prevent boil on skin:
If you are sensitive to skin boils, you can prevent boils from developing, Clean your skin with antibacterial soap will prevent bacteria to develop and infect your pores. Doctor attention should be compulsory, if one is in doubt about the severity of the boils.
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Thank you so much for the clear and understandable answer without a lot of medical terminology. Now I understand what I've done to create the environment for the boils to keep returning and how to discourage their return in the future and when it's out of my hands and I need to get professional attention. Many, many, thanks.
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I went to a couple of websites (healthy-skin-guide.com and boilstreatment.org) that had articles addressing boil treatment and they recommended a product called Boilx. Desperate to treat my painful boils, I went and ordered the product. Boilix buyer beware! In case you don't know, purchasing the product is riddled with "As Seen on TV" sales attachments that try to scam you into coupon memberships you may not want. Thanks for your very clean info.
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Boil on skin are caused by staphylococcal bacteria, also known as staph bacteria. It is skin infection caused when the tube shafts from which our hair grows (hair follicles) are infected by the staph bacteria. The staph bacteria are responsible for a number of diseases caused to humans. These bacteria usually dwell in our skin. Sometimes they even enter our throat and nose passage to cause diseases like meningitis, urine infections etc. these bacteria can also cause an infection along the lining of your heart. The staph bacteria enter the skin through a cut or a scratch. These bacteria can also enter through any other opening in your skin and cause boils. The inflammation of skin is caused because as soon as the bacteria enter your body, the white blood cells try to fight the infection. This causes the boil to inflate and the formation of pus.
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The boils formation is the normal response of our immune system against infection,  allergic reactions or wounds. The boils are also called skin abscess. The allergic reactions when the affected skin area become red and tender. Then this site become hard and firm. The center of the site become soft and filled with white blood cells in order to fight against infection. This combination of WBC, bacteria and proteins is called pus. This puss is drained leaving behind scar formation. This scar take time to be eliminated. This was story of boils formation.
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I am 28 and recently married and I usually getting this boil what is the reason and I am also shaving with the razor what ti be done there is no pus or not even there is any discharge its just disappear and develops on the other place
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An irritation from the shaving combined with poor hygiene could be your problem. Go to www.skinboilguide.com for some very helpful advice.
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It sounds very much like a cyst, which is why it has no head to it. Keep yourself extra clean, and use some antiseptic mild anaesthetic topical ointment a couple of times a day on it. If it does not go down in the next couple of days, go and see a doctor.I recommend you Mouth ulcer home remedy through this you get instant of knowledge about how mouth ulcer relief .

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To anybody going through this you know how bad it hurts. I have one right now and ive had it for about 2 weeks but it didnt get bad enough where it held me back from doing everyday things until 4 days ago, I'm 16 by the way, and me and my boyfriend decided to go to the doctors today and I didn't let my mom know because I thought it was too embarrassing and other reasons well the doctor gave me antibiotics and sometimes they go away with only the antibiotics but she also gave me pain medicine and some other medicine but point is my mom found out and her main problem was why I didn't trust her. My advice is no matter how bad somthing is don't be afraid to tell your parents because they will take care of you. And the reason I had mine was because my sweat gland down there got clogged up and it's like a "pimple" I need to wait 2 days hope it gets a "head" to pop if not I have to go back and they will numb me and remove the puss !!  But it's nothing to be ashamed of so girls please don't wait Til it's too late because they CAN get pretty large without any help from medicine
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It might be your Bartholin gland. It happens to alot of females. The gland just gets clogged. Doctors can lance it and it will go away
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I don't think it's a boil, it sounds like you might have herpes. That is an sexuality transmitted disease. It usually looks like a big pimple or a boil, some may hurt and some wont. There is no cure for herpes, but they do have a medication that will keep the out breaks to a minimal for some people , the'll never have an out break again. You really need to see your doctor just to be on the safe side. If you don't get it treated, you can spread it to your partner during intercourse and it may cause damage to your tubes and ovaries.

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