Is Spermicide Bad For You?


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It depends, ahem, on how you come into contact with it.

It's a good thing if you want to prevent pregnancy.

Either partner may be allergic to materials in the spermicide. This will cause rash, itch or other irritation. The most common allergen in spermicide is nonoxynol-9; try another spermicide without this ingredient if necessary. There are recipes for 'natural spermicide' on the Internet that may also be less allergenic. It's worth noting that these are unlikely to work as well as an over-the-counter product with respect to wiping out sperm.

In terms of other health impacts, little spermicide is absorbed by the vagina, but some does get into the vaginal lining. So long term heavy use may make a woman more susceptible to thrush. Spermicide may also slightly thin the vaginal lining, making a woman more vulnerable to HIV.

If a woman uses spermicide when pregnant it will not affect the fetus.

The taste is nasty and it is not recommended for oral indigestion.

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