When You Are Pregnant And Go To The Hospital Do They Test You For Drugs?


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Yes, who's been a naughty mummy. Hopefully all will be ok but lay off the toxins. They are not good for the baby.

I doubt if they would test you.
What you take, eat or drink, your baby takes in too.

I just noticed you have had the baby, hope they are doing well.
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Usually they will only test you for drugs if they suspect that you are on drugs. I pray you are not taking that risk. To many things could go wrong with the baby.
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I had my daughter a year ago and i was just wondering cause i was on drugs cause i didn't know i was pregnant at the time thanks for your answer p.s i know what i was doing was wrong so ppl plz don't judge me
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I do not judge any one. It was such a shame that you did not get educated regarding that matter.
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Yes they do its automatic thing they never did before but 2 years ago they started mandatory it do to crack babies there was a big news report about it on t.v.
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Some hospitals do but most will ask u, i hope ur not because the drugs that u take and the ones they give u can interact and make u sick or kill you, not to mention what the effect the baby will have from it

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