Has The Role Of A Father Changed In The Past Few Years During Pregnancy?


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Since the past few years, the role of fathers has drastically changed as more commonly fathers take the responsibility for being a parent very seriously.Previously men used to shut them selves out of pregnancy thinking it is a women's job. However, modern mothers have fostered open-minded fathers. Nowadays father are more interested in being involved with their partner during pregnancy. Not only pregnancy but also at the time of the delivery and later on the child's life.

The modern father plays an active role rather than staying behind curtains and just waiting to know if it is a boy or a girl. They take their wives for routine check ups, make sure they are taking all the proper nutrition required, help them in all house chores and pamper their wives so that they remain relax and calm through out pregnancy. They realize the fact that if the mother is healthy and happy, it will adversely affect their baby in a good manner.

Once the baby is born, they share equal responsibilities and taking care of the child. The father will not only be responsible for providing money in the house, but also extra care and nurture for the baby as well as the mother. The modern day fathers have for sure become really nice role players through out the pregnancy period as well as the child's growth.

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