What Should Be The Minimum Size Of Penis?


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There is no minimum size for a penis and there are a wide array of shapes and sizes of penises out there.
Every man has a different a different shaped or sized penis so there is no minimum size for a penis. A minimum size doesn't even make sense. A penis is a penis so what does it need to be a minimum size for?
There are even numerous average sizes of penis according to everything from race to age. It is hard to describe what the minimum size of a penis is, especially when you aren't describing what the minimum size is for.
If it is sex you are talking about, well there is no minimum size and then again no maximum size. It supposedly doesn't matter about size it's more to do what you do with it. So the answer in short is that there is no minimum size.
If you suffer from anxiety about the size of your penis, you probably shouldn't be worried as most men do to no effect. Also there is no way you can change it so there is no point worrying about it.
You have to love yourself and accept yourself for who you are, then it will make no difference how big, small, long or wide your penis is. If you ask most people the biggest turn on is personality and not the size of your genitals.
So don't worry about it, there is no minimum size for a penis unless there is no penis at all; any size of a working penis is the minimum size.
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My penis size is 4 inch after erection could I make a women satisfied if she given birth to three children
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I'm sure it would be fine. Giving birth naturally changes things internally but the body will return to a somewhat normal state given time.

If you are concerned about penis size not satisfying a woman, I wouldn't worry too much. Sexual experience, creativity and enthusiasm will make all the difference in the world. You can be hung but if you lack in any of the things I previously mentioned, it wont do you any good.
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I have 4" penis. Will I satisfy my partner ?
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5'1/2 is not minimum, its average. A girls vagina is 3 inches deep but if she is sexually active, it may be deeper and wider so anything bigger than 3'1/2 is good enough. Girls do prefer penis over 6 inches but as mentioned above, its not size that matters but what you do with what you got
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The average size of a penis is 5 1/2 inches erect. To some girls, size really doesn't matter, and to others it does. I'm very satisfied with my hobbies size....he's around 7 1/2 inches and the width is perfect. I agree that width is the key. But if you are smaller than this or even smaller than 5 1/2 do not let that discourage you. I enjoy sex, but I actually only get off when my husband is giving me oral sex. So you can be a great sex partner no matter the size.
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It doesn't matter.3 1/2 is enough for sex.best size is 5 1/2.fast sex gives well satisfaction.
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Honey, whatever size you can handle. I wont sit here and say 3 inches is too small cause for some women...its just right. Find the right size for you!
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The size does not matter so long as you can satisfy your partner and you be satisfied
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I am a woman, I think it should be at least 5 1/2 inches the minimum! Also it depends on the woman receiving the penis. I like 7 and up but that's my personal opinion.
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I don't think it does matter at all, as long as you can accept him.

My boyfriend was 8 1/2 but he had to get penis reduction pills because there were problems down there. Certainly not STDs, but issues with the blood flow. I don't know exactly how big he is currently but it doesn't matter to me that he isn't the size that he was.. I love him enough to still think he is the most sexiest thing I have ever came upon.<3
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If a guy is willing to pay, there is no such thing as "too small".
Having a smaller than average sized unit may keep you from getting the woman you think you "want", but it won't keep you from getting somebody. Past experience has proved to me that some women will   settle for anything they can get.
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5 12 to 7 I think would be enough to satisfy but I want to beat it up

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