How long does it take for the teeth to come out?


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Sorry, but I don't know how to answer your previous question, but I will tell u that babies' teeth can come in at various times. Many times it take one to two months. Other times it's only in a few weeks. You will know when your baby will stop screaming and kicking and wanting rip his teeth out. Don't worry though. Every parent has to face this problem. It will be gone before u know it. Hoped u liked your answer. Thx for reading.
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Yh thanks he worst thing is if a mum sees her baby in pain and scream and all that staff any wayz as you said every parent has to face it. Thnks
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Ooh ooh i know i know, well  for humans i know . :) just watched a clip on the doctors where a ortodontist invented a new tool for extracting teeth wthout breaking them. It uses pressure  on the side of the tooth at the same time lifting up on the tooth making it just pop out in a less than a minute. Now whether or not you mean coming out as in pulling or not is another question. Unless i am guessing you mean growing in/coming in.what's that term for babies/teething.then i would have to ggogle the answer as i have never had a guinea pig.
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That depends on how sadistic the Dentist is,.

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