Why's My Oven Smoking During Baking?


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If it is the first time using the oven, you must cure the oven first. Make sure the area is well ventilated as this may cause some smoke. The solvents used to manufacture the oven is still on the oven walls so you must wash all the racks and oven wall with warm soapy water. Then turn thermostat to 250 degrees for 1 hour. This will cause the solvents to burn off. Then allow oven to cool and wipe again with warm soapy water and put on for a second hour at 350 degrees. At the end of this cycle allow oven to cool and wipe with clear water. This should resolve the issues. This doesn't usually come in manuals which suck cause people think there is something wrong with the unit. But what everyone else said about the spillage is true if it is not your first time using it. And ovens do not smoke so whoever said that is wrong. You may have smoke if you have grease build up in your flue, or your interior oven walls. Good luck.
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Due to untidy practices. Food particles have overflowed or were spilled onto parts of the oven very near to the burner or because of the high baking temperatures.,the same food spill condition has occurred when something has deposited on the metal shelving rack. With the continuous and it is happening every time, a lot of food material were spilled earlier. Is it possible something else, say a utensil was somehow left in the oven. A wooden handle or a plastic handle would have produced a very irritating odor by now. Before the next oven use, inspect the entire oven interior and remove anything not the normal part of the oven. It could be a major problem if enough materials are present, may be enough to damage the oven or actually start a fire.
It's a normally occurring condition that is eliminated by removing by now a crusty lump of food which probably has bonded fast to a piece of the oven's interior.

Should this explanation not match the problem and you verify the oven has gotten access to cigarettes or other smoking material. Prepare to seek a proper counseling or products to aid in a 'Stop Smoking Plan' for the offending appliance, immediately for second hand smoke is a "killer"! Is it possible the oven is bored...do you make the effort to bake enough, at least to reach the local norm? I will be checking back on this matter...be prepared to answer this important question! Yes! By all means, I am talking to you!!
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When you have a good day, spray some oven cleaner in the oven, let it set for a while, then use a scrubber and a bowl of water to rinse the scrubber out in.
After you scrub, then wipe the oven out with a clean wet cloth.

In the bottom section of the oven, there is the broiler, and you can wash these in the sink with a scrubber, make sure you wipe the sides of the broiler tray so that there isn't any dust coming in contact with the food if you are going to cook in there.
Hope this helps.
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Is the oven floor clean? If something boiled over sometime before and spilled on the bottom that could cause your smoke.
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The whole house fills with a light gray smoke and breathing is some times  affected.
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I used to make baked potatoes in the oven, I had the same problem, I didn't even bother to think where that excess olive oil would go when it dripped hahaha.. Basically it would drip down to the bottom and smoke a little when I used the oven, it just needs a clean. Use a baking tray on the bottom rack, when you bake/cook things right on the top rack in the oven that may have a tendency to drip oils/liquids.
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Some smoking is normal. If the oven is smoking more than you think it should, it could be a hole or broken seal somewhere letting the steam escape. Not much to worry about though as mine does the same darn thing!

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