Why Does My Head Sometimes Hurt When I Smoke Weed?


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Don’t worry; that’s pretty normal.

Between forty and sixty percent of people will, from time to time, have an adverse reaction to weed. This can be anything from feeling a bit drowsy to throwing up, but headaches are probably one of the most common side-effects.

How To Prevent Headaches When Smoking Weed
  • Make sure you’ve had a drink, as smoking weed can dehydrate you. Go for something like water or fruit juice, as soda will only make it worse.
  • Get out of the sun. If you’re smoking outside in the summer, it’s easy to get comfortable and forget that the sun’s beating down on you. It might be this that’s causing your headaches, not the weed itself!
  • Take the stalks and seeds out of your weed before smoking it. Most people agree that these can cause headaches – there’s barely any THC in the stalks anyway, so you won’t be compromising your high.
  • Smoke less. The higher you are, the more chance you’ll have side-effects to deal with.
  • Get something to eat. You’ll probably be compelled to do this anyway, though.
If you’re still getting headaches, try a different strain of weed, or make brownies instead of smoking it. Good luck!
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I'm forty weeks pregnant, been smoking my whole pregnacy. I'm due in February and I'm getting nervous. Should I drink lots of water starting now? I only weigh 111 pounds. I'm not sure if it goes depending on the persons weight.

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Try to not smoke pot so often and your problem shouldn't keep happening. It's happened to me before but I'm fine now that I quit smoking so much.

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