What Is A Foot Reflexology Chart?


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The foot reflexology chart is composed of 12 individual diagrams for each of the main meridians found in the body, along with typical symptoms that can be found along the meridian pathways. The symptoms indicated are divided into internal branch disorders and external branch disorders. The starting / ending points of the meridians in the feet are also been labeled for convenience. All the reflex zones are indicated on the foot reflexology chart, including those found on the top and sides of the feet. The zones are clearly labeled and color-coded to make it easy to identify each reflex individually. You can get a foot reflexology chart from the internet, although there is a superior version available that is specifically designed to take advantage of reflexology. It is made of durable soft rubber, and includes life-sized diagrams and a contoured surface.
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This is not a typical reflexology chart. This sounds like a sales pitch.

This is an acupressure chart.

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