Can Reflexology Be Dangerous?


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  The practice of massaging the feet according to the information on a foot reflexology chart is unlikely to cause any particular damage to the body but reflexology is thought not to be a good idea in people with pacemakers, people who have very bad circulation in their feet, or who have gout, or women who are pregnant. It is theoretically possible that the manipulation of the lower leg might release a blood clot, but realistically, this could happen when walking or generally moving.

  The only danger with reflexology really is relying on it as a form of medicine that can be used instead of conventional scientific medicine. It is not a good idea to go to a reflexologist to ask them to diagnose an illness by looking at the state of your feet. An established and accredited reflexology therapist would not recommend this as an option. If something was seriously wrong, delaying going for accurate diagnosis and conventional treatment could have a serious impact on the outcome of the disease or problem.

  It is also thought to be dangerous to rely only on reflexology to treat a serious illness such as cancer or heart disease for the same reason.

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