What Is The Relation Of Husband And Wife During Pregnancy?


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If the wife is subject to miscarriage every precaution should be employed to prevent its happening again. Under such exceptional circumstances the husband should sleep apart the first five months of pregnancy; after that length of time, the ordinary relation may be assumed. If miscarriage has taken place, intercourse should be avoided for a month or six weeks at least after the accident.

The Impregnation is the only mission of intercourse, and after that has taken place, intercourse can sub serves no other purpose than sensual gratification.

Every man should recognize the fact that woman is the sole umpire as to when, how frequent, and under what circumstances, connection should take place. Her desires should not be ignored, for her likes and dislikes are—as seen in another part of this book—easily impressed upon the unborn child. If she is physically powerful and fit there is no cause why obsession must not be appreciative with restraint and care during the whole time of pregnancy, but she have to be the single judge no charitable example take place through the whole animal empire. All females repel with force furthermore fierceness the approaches of the male. The human family is the only exception. A man that loves his wife, however, will respect her under all circumstances and recognize her condition and yield to her wishes.
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The relation of husband and wife should not alter due to pregnancy. The relationship described by ranajee82 is valid if there is pregnancy or not.

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