I cheated on my husband who's in jail I got pregnant by someone else but I got an abortion do you think he will forgive me?


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No one can judge what he will or will not do or say.  I think you had to do what you felt was right and what you could live with.  It sounds like he knew you were pregnant and you must tell him what you have done.  Honesty is supposed to be the best policy, but sometimes it is hard to do.  Do not let others talk you into doing something you may regret.  If God can forgive us, then he is just a man, so he should forgive you also.  Haven’t you forgiven him for going to jail and leaving you all alone, there is no such thing as a perfect relationship and yours is no exception.  We cannot take back what happen we can only move forward and if he cannot forgive then maybe he is not the man for you.  Take care
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If he loves you he will understand but you need to let him know why you did it and how very sorry you are but you should know that even if he does forgive you it will take time for him to trust again and your relationship may never be the same as it was before  but at the end of the day you have to forgive your self and fix what ever the problems in your relationship that caused you to cheat and then work on your relationship and building that trust back with your husband. The best of wishes good luck
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Your emotions must be all over the place just now ...  Both of you need to make apologies it seems . . Just try and be honest with one another, without blaming each other for what you both did .  Good luck to you both , if it is true love, you will win through in the end . 
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Do you think you should be forgiven?
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So long as she sees what she did yea she should be forgiven. No one is perfect. Mistakes happen.... BIG ones and little ones. Best thing to do is tell him right away. Make sure he knows you regret it.. And go from there.
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I wouldnt
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No Never, why would he,  you get knocked up by someone else, and kill a baby, thats murder.
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Nobody could tell you how he will react. But I agree with Amelia. Would you forgive you? I really hope you learn something here.
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No you shouldn't be forgiven you got PREGNANT WITH ANOTHER MAN what the heck is wrong with you???!!!
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You tell your husband that is his fault and if he changes than you will not follow that again 
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I do NOT believe that he should remain married to someone who is immoral enough to be a murderer; but, you know, he is in jail...so like the old saying goes, birds of a feather flock together.!!But my question is if this loser you banged was good enough for you to bang him, why did you kill his baby and what does he say about this? Does he care? Or did you just forget to tell Daddy? Also what the heck, why even tell the jailbird husband that you banged another muchless killed the baby?....just asking

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